Improve Website Ranking with SEO

All over the internet you hear conflicting information. SEO is dead. SEO is not dead. In fact, just Google the term “SEO” and you will be amazed at the amount of results for the search term. So which is it? The truth is having a solid SEO plan is still essential for your business. Studies shows that almost 97% of customers do their research online first before making any kind of decision. Additionally, statistics show that more than 80% of customers researching online follow up with an offline action. Here is a list of reasons why your company should use SEO to improve your website ranking.

SEO still works

SEO techniques remain a sound method for increasing organic traffic. There are many case studies proving that companies who invest in SEO strategies eventually reap the rewards of a higher website ranking position on Google search pages. Even though Google is the highest used search engine, SEO doesn’t just affect Google. It also affects other online sites like Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and other websites. SEO helps you show up where your customers are looking for you online.

SEO is important for mobile

The number of people who use a mobile device has doubled in the last couple of years. Also, people use mobile devices more than desktops now. Due to the smaller viewing space on mobile devices, it is even more important to show up higher in the search results. This is necessary to increase the amount of visitors to your site. Furthermore, it can be valuable to realize the importance of local SEO. People are using their mobile devices to find relevant businesses that are geographically close to where their current location is. A local SEO strategy will increase website ranking and help your company to gain more local business.

SEO equals ROI

When you invest in SEO it can have a higher ROI compared to other forms of marketing. Print media, phone books, paying for leads, and PPC advertising often consist of higher costs compared to the expense of a properly executed SEO plan. Many online searchers only click on organic results. That means even if you are using PPC marketing you will still need to use SEO to rank well and capture that business. The truth is most people check online before they make a purchase. You want your business to rank high enough in organic search results to be discovered. People may have a hard time finding you online without a good SEO strategy that improves your website ranking.

SEO is always evolving

Every time the search algorithms change new factors come into play. Just a few short years ago social media indicators didn’t matter like they do now. A consistent SEO plan helps your company stays up to date on the changes. Additionally, search positions and website rankings change frequently. That means if you don’t continue to invest in SEO your company could easily lose its position in the search results. The competition is already doing it. Do you want to be ahead of the game or left behind?

Bottom line is that Google wants to provide the best and most accurate results when someone searches online.

SEO helps your company have a higher authority with Google. When you have a higher authority your website ranking will increase. Ultimately, companies with higher website rankings experience more conversions, and more conversions means more profit.