Top 7 Reasons to Advertise Using Google AdWords

In this day and age, every business should have a website and possibly a blog too. Interacting with your customers online comes with being a business owner. Marketing has evolved and changed in the last two decades, especially with the increasing popularity of the internet. One of the best ways to market today is online by using Google AdWords.

Since Google introduced Google AdWords in 2000 their advertising revenue has increased substantially every single year. In 2015, Google’s ad revenue amounted to almost 67.39 billion US dollars. For that year ad revenue made up the highest percentage of their income.

Because AdWords in the largest platform for online advertising here are the top 7 reasons to advertise using Google AdWords.

1. AdWords is Very Affordable

Many older marketing options like TV and print media are still available. A business can contact a newspaper to run an ad, put an ad in the phone book, or even print out and send fliers in the mail. Yet, many of these option can be very risky and expensive up front. Additionally, they may not provide near the type of ROI that using Google AdWords can deliver.

AdWords allows a company total control over the budget. Granted some keywords are more expensive than others, but this is mainly dependent upon the industry, and popularity of the keyword. When using Google AdWords there is no minimum investment or monthly ad spend requirements. Furthermore, you only pay for results. You are only charged if a potential customer or client completes one of the required actions. Some of the required actions include a visit to your website, a phone call, or viewing a video for more than a certain length of time.

2. Adwords is Immediate

As soon as your ads are running you can begin to see the effects of your advertising campaign. This will be evident by the amount of new visits to your website, phone calls you receive, or videos that are viewed. With other strategies it may take much longer to benefit from the results of your effort. Yet, by using Google AdWords companies can see a return on their investment much immediately.

3. AdWords is Extremely Targeted

Potential customers and clients are constantly searching Google to find what your business offers. Because of this, the perfect market audience is already online. Using Google AdWords allows you to precisely target those who will be most interested in what your company has to offer. This leads to an increase in your CTR, you overall conversions, and ultimately your bottom line.

Here are just some of the ways that you can target your market audience using Google AdWords.

Keywords: These are words or phrases related to your company’s product or service. AdWords allows you to connect keywords to specific ad’s and final destination url’s.

Campaign Type: The type of campaign you choose determines where customers will be able to see your ads. Here are some of the different campaign types available when using Google AdWords.

  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Search Network only
  • Display Network only
  • Remarketing
  • Mobile Call Only
  • Shopping
  • Video

Geographic Location: Using Google AdWords allows you to create your target area by selecting a country, city, region, or postal code. Also, you can choose a specific spot on the map and create a radius around it up to a certain amount of miles. Furthermore, it is possible to add multiple targeted locations, and even exclude areas within those locations.

Ad Schedule: Adwords gives your company the option to only show your ads at the exact times that you want. You can set your ad schedule to be on any number of days and during any set of hours during those days. You can even have multiple sets of hours for any given day.

Devices: Using Google AdWords allows you to target certain types of devices. The current list of devices you can choose from includes mobile devices with full browsers, computers, and tablets with full browsers. In America, there are more people using smartphones today than ever before. AdWords even gives you the ability to create a mobile call only campaign. With this campaign type your ads will only show up on mobile devices that have the ability to make calls.

4. AdWords is Measurable

Unlike some other marketing strategies, using Google AdWords give you the ability to see a vast amount of statistical data and reports. This data can displayed at different levels as well. Some of the levels include the campaign level, ad group, specific ads, and even individual keywords. Your company can track performance metrics like total clicks, impressions, and CTR (click through ratio). Additionally, you can determine the average CPC (cost per click), total cost, and average position that you ad shows up in. Yet, most importantly your business can track actual conversions which can give you the exact ROI (return on investment).

5. AdWords is Being Used by Your Competitors

Keeping up with the competition is mandatory for any highly successful company. Do a search for the primary keywords that are important to your company. It is almost guaranteed that you will find some of you competition who have ads at the top of the page. They are using Google AdWords to advertise, and you need to have your ads right there next to theirs.

6. AdWords Helps With Testing

Not all campaigns are successful. One way of weeding out the bad marketing campaigns is to do a couple of test campaigns first. Using a defined set of keywords and phrases, you can create different ads and then do A/B testing to compare them against each other. This can help you see how each performs respectively in order to make more educated decisions. In this way, you end up only investing in and fine tuning those campaigns that really give you a good rate of return on your investment.

7. AdWords Compliments an SEO Strategy

Google AdWords can be an excellent way to enhance your SEO efforts. One way is by using Google AdWords as a keyword generating and testing resource. It is best to know which keywords will best convert into sales for your company before you use SEO to rank for them. AdWords has a built in tool called the Keyword Planner. With this tool you can search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category. Additionally you can get search volume, data trends for specific keywords or keyword phrases. Furthermore, once your campaign is running you can use Google AdWords to see a Search Terms report. This report shows you the exact searches people entered on Google Search that triggered your specific ad and led to a click. This information is so valuable when determining which keywords to target during your company’s SEO planning.

Other ways that using google Adwords can complement your SEO strategy is through increased traffic to your website, and geographic targeting. Overall traffic and CTR to your website are some of Google’s ranking factors. The paid traffic you send to your website will increase your website visit statistics and help Google give your website a higher ranking. Also, geographical information about those who visit your company’s site through paid traffic can be tracked with Google Analytics. For example, with this information you may determine one of your products or services has much higher conversions in a certain city. At the point you can adjust your SEO strategy by creating and optimizing a landing page specifically for that city.